Short-Term Training Opportunities

Training Opportunities by Length of Time

Workforce Training Program Semester Hours
1 Semester  
Basic Correctional Officer Training 0
Departmental Award in Phlebotomy 4
Marketable Skills Achievement Award in Keyboarding and Business Document Formatting 5
Institutional Award in Central Service Sterilization Technician 6
Emergency Medical Technician 6
Marketable Skills Achievement Award in Word Processing 6
Child Development Associate Credential 9
Enhanced Skills Certificate in Computed Tomography 11
Basic Peace Officer Training 12
Marketable Skills Acheivement Award in Business 12
Marketable Skills Acheivement Award in CISCO Network Associate Certification 12
Marketable Skills Acheivement Award in Electronic Media 12
Marketable Skills Acheivement Award in Information Systems 12
Marketable Skills Acheivement Award in Information Security 12
Marketable Skills Acheivement Award in Basic Medical Transcription 13
Certificate in Counselor Intern Education Preparation 20
2 Semesters  
Real Estate Licensure Certificate 15
Studies in Deafness Certificate 17
Certificate in Cosmetology - Aesthetician 25
Sound Reinforcement - Level One Certificate 25
Certificate in Medical Unit Secretary 27
Certificate in Veterinary Assistant 29
Certificate in Business Management 29-31
Certificate in Internet Webmaster 30
Certificate in Media Communications 30
Certificate in Songwriting 30
Certificate in Web Design 30
Certificate in Information Systems and Applications 30-31
Certificate in Secretarial Technology 30-31
Certificate of Paramedicine (Level One) 31
Certificate in Performance (Commercial Music) 31
Certificate in Mental Health 31
Certificate in Mental Health - Substance Abuse and Addiction 31
Certificate in Mental Health - Youth Counseling 31
Certificate in Marketing 31-33
Certificate in Accounting 31-34
Certificate in Entrepreneurship 33
Certificate in Commercial Music Management 32
Certificate in Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement 33
Certificate in Criminal Justice - Corrections 33-34
Certificate in Paralegal 34
Certificate in Real Estate 34
Certificate in Venue and Talent Management 34
Certificate in Child Development - Basic 36
2 Semester + Summer  
Advanced Skills Certificate in Assisted Living Management Advanced Skills 15
Advanced Skills Certificate in Nursing Facility Administration 27-33
Certificate in Microsoft Windows Network Administration 33-34
3 Semesters  
Certificate in Cosmetology - Instructor 27
Certified Medical Secretary Technology 33
Coding Specialist Certificate 33
Certificate in Child Development - Administration 35
Certificate in Office Assistant Technology 36
Certificate in Computer Applications - Software Applications Specialist 36
Certificate in CISCO Network Administration 36-37
Certificate in Cosmetology - Basic Operator 42
Certificate in Media Communications for Mass Communications 45-46
3 Semesters + Summer  
Certificate in Surgical Technology 46
Certificate of Paramedicine (Level Two) 59
Certificate in Vocational Nursing 58
CE Offering Hours
Pharmacy Tech Review 46
Auctioneer Training 80
Nurse Aide Training 100
Truck Driver 100
Medication Aide Training Course 140
Activity Director 215
Medical Coding Specialist (Online) 312
Massage Therapy Program 520