Academic Support and Tutoring is located in the center of McLennan's beautiful campus and provides students with immediate access to academic resources. We can be found on the ground floor of the Student Services Center, room 105.

Open Study Area

Students may come to AST and hang out between classes, read a book or study using our open study area. Comfortable seating is located near the entrance and provides enough room to relax and spread out.

Study Tables

Students who need room to work with a laptop or several books can take advantage of our study tables, which provide enough room for four students to work together. These tables serve as a great place for both individuals and small groups to work.

Computer Lab

Our computer lab has access to the internet, various computer-guided tutorial systems, Microsoft Office, laser printers, and headphones to support most student needs. However, we have other computer resources available upon request, such as audio/video recording equipment (in study rooms) and HD webcams.

Study Rooms

AST features seven study rooms to facilitate a variety of support needs. Each offers a different level of technology and capability that ranges from simple computer access to full presentation and video recording. These rooms are available for walk-in use, but reservations have priority. Rooms may be reserved by students, tutors, and employees.

Interactive Smartboards

Four of our study rooms are equipped with Interactive Smartboards, which project an image onto a wall and allow someone to interact with the image on the wall using a special pen. This is beneficial for students who wish to work on a presentation as well as those who wish to work collaboratively on a project in a more hands-on manner. This technology allows students to write on documents, videos and PowerPoint presentations instead of merely typing notes or comments.

Livescribe Pens

AST uses special technology that allows students to record what is said and what is written by using a special pen by Livescribe. The pens use a special paper to record writing and save notes in a variety of formats, including a text file, an image, an audio file or a "pencast," which is similar to a video. Each session of data that is recorded can be uploaded to a computer and shared with an individual, study group, class, or other appropriate recipients. This product allows students to work with technology that is no more complicated than a pen and paper. However, this technology allows for easy recording and easy digital distribution. Please ask for a demonstration.

Online Office Hours

Faculty can use our resources to work with students online using live technology. Faculty may reserve a study room to serve as a makeshift office while they go online to virtually meet with students. We have numerous laptops, HD webcams, and multiple platforms that support online communication between faculty and students. Additionally, we can help faculty get started by showing them how to meet with their students.

Additionally, students who have been asked to meet with an instructor virtually may come to AST and use our technology.

Phone: (254) 299-8500