Biomedical Science Degree

A recent agreement signed with Texas A&M University will facilitate the admission and academic transfer of students from MCC to the Biomedical Science Department at Texas A&M. As students progress successfully toward the completion of the Associate degree at MCC, this agreement will ensure a seamless transition of the student into the Biomedical Science program.

What does Biomedical Science degree offer?

This degree gives the student a strong background in the sciences and provides the fundamental knowledge on which to build the skills needed for successful vocational achievements. The depth of training in the sciences and emphasis on the application of knowledge to health problem solving assists the Biomedical Science graduates to secure productive careers in a wide variety of biomedical endeavors.

What can I do with a Biomedical Science background?

Biomedical Science graduates enter schools of human medicine, veterinary medicine, osteopathy, dentistry, pharmacy, optometry podiatry and law. All of the preprofessional course requirements for any of these can be completed while registered in the Biomedical Science curriculum. In addition to this the biomedical science curriculum prepares the students for the basic course work required for the allied health fields such as nursing, physical therapy, clinical laboratory sciences, physician assistant, dental hygiene, health care administration and occupational therapy.

What are the requirements at McLennan Community College for me to participate in the 2+2 articulation agreement?

  1. MCC students who complete the degree plan, as full time students will be admitted to the BIMS program automatically, provided:
    1. They meet all other general admission requirements (i.e., transcripts, applications, timelines, deadline dates, etc.) for general admissions to the Texas A & M University.
  2. Students must have maintained no less than a cumulative 3.40 GPA in the courses taken at MCC and be eligible for graduation from MCC.
  3. Students must not have made any grade below a “B” in all of their Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) science and math course work.

What courses do I need to take at MCC to meet the requirements of the articulation agreement?

First Year
First Semester   SCH
ENGL 1301 Composition - Rhetoric 3
BIOL 1306/1106 Majors Biology I 4
HIST 1301 US History to 1877 3
CHEM 1311/1111 General Chemistry 4
  Total Credits: 14
Second Semester   SCH
BIOL 1307/1107 Major Biology II 4
ENGL 1302 Composition-Rhetoric 3
HIST 1302 US History since 1877 3
CHEM 1312/1112 General Chemistry II 4
MATH 2413 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I 4
  Total Credits: 18
Second Year
First Semester   SCH
GOVT 2305 US Government 3
CHEM 2323/2123 Organic Chemistry I 4
Social/Behavioral Science Elective (Take at A&M-Reverse Transfer) 0
PHYS 1301/1101 College Physics I 4
Language, Philosophy, and Culture Elective Language, Philosophy, and Culture Elective (Take at A&M-Reverse Transfer) 0
MATH 2414 Analytic Geometry and Calculus 2 4
  Total Credits: 15
Second Semester   SCH
GOVT 2306 Sate and Local Government 3
CHEM 2325/2125 Organic Chemistry II 4
Creative Arts Elective 3
PHYS 1302/1102 General Physics II 4
  Total Credits: 14
Grand Total: 61

Who should I contact at McLennan Community College if I am interested in pursuing the curriculum?

Johnny Raines
Advising Specialist