Completion Center

Need food? Click here for details on scheduling a curbside appointment with Paulanne's Pantry.


Student Services Center Second Floor, Completion Center • 254-299-8226
Fall & Spring Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
Summer Hours: Monday-Thursday, 7 a.m.-5:30 p.m.; Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

The Completion Center aims to provide the support, resources and accountability that students need to be successful.  We understand that there is more to students’ lives than college, and that sometimes “life” can get in the way of achieving educational goals.  Success Coaches meet with students one-on-one to help them develop their strengths, discover new strategies and resources, and come up with a plan to reach their goals.

Mission Statement

The Completion Center at McLennan Community College fosters academic and personal success by providing a student-centered network of support, cultivating opportunities for growth and empowerment and serving as a resource for faculty and staff.


The Completion Center houses several programs:

  • General Success Coaching — We help you turn lemons into lemonade.  Make an appointment over the phone (299-8226), by email (, or in person (SSC 249).
  • Support & Empowerment ProgramOffers academic, personal & financial assistance to Workforce students (A.A.S degree or certificate).  Participants are selected each semester by application.  Follow the link or stop by the Completion Center to see if you qualify.
  • First Generation ScholarsBuilds a community and sets first generation college students up for success.  High school seniors are selected through the MCC Foundation Scholarship Application.
  • Paulanne’s Pantry — Free food pantry open to all MCC and University Center students, faculty and staff.
  • What is Success Coaching?

    Success Coaches are individuals from various backgrounds who are familiar with the challenges of higher education, such as class workload, financial aid issues, career choices and balancing life outside the classroom.  We believe students are the experts on their own lives, and we are willing and eager to walk alongside you as you discover your own strengths and capabilities.

    Success Coaches help you succeed during your time as a student at MCC.  Your relationship with a Success Coach involves listening, questioning, observing, feedback, encouragement, support and accountability - all of which are focused on YOUR goals. Coaching is NOT therapy.  Therapy explores origins of emotional or psychological issues and tends to be more intensive and long term.  Success Coaches address behaviors, values, motivators and to some degree contributing emotional factors. Success Coaches focus on helping you discover actions that will get positive results in and outside of the classroom.  Read more about each of our Success Coaches.


  • Resources (Videos, Campus & Community Resource Guides)

    Success coaches help students with a variety of issues.  Check out our videos on the following topics:

    Success Coaches will also guide you to resources both on campus and off that can help with any specific challenges you are facing.  We encourage you to check out the:

      • Campus Resource Guide and the
      • Waco Working Together page for an up-to-date list of community resources, including emergency shelters, rent & utilities issues, job skills & job searching, food pantries & prepared meals, parenting & child care, veterans resources, medical & mental health, and more.

    Please come see us if you have any questions about these resources.

  • Request a Coach

    Students may follow this link to request an appointment with a coach.  Faculty/staff may follow the same link to request a classroom presentation or refer a student to a coach.