Student Update - May 19, 2021


Sent on behalf of McLennan President, Dr. Johnette McKown

Dear Students,

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recently announced new recommendations in several areas but particularly on the use of facemasks and the need for physical distancing.  This has been followed by Governor Abbott’s executive order on Tuesday prohibiting mandates that require facemasks.  Therefore, effective Thursday (5/20), our Policy E-XXXXI (Face Coverings, Social Distancing & Related COVID-19 Precautionary Safety Requirement), which outlines our current guidance for facemasks and social distancing, will be suspended.  Based on the CDC’s recommendation, fully vaccinated individuals can resume activities without wearing a facemask or physical distancing.  The CDC does continue to recommend that unvaccinated individuals wear facemasks and practice physical distancing, and the Leadership Team and I are asking students, employees, and visitors to follow that direction.  Attached is our new guidance with recommendations for the safety of unvaccinated individuals

The Leadership Team and the Emergency Operations team have used the guidance of the CDC from the beginning of the pandemic and now believes it is important to continue following their counseling as we take this positive step back to normalcy.  We encourage individuals to make decisions based on what they feel is appropriate.  Anyone is also welcome to continue wearing a facemask.  We appreciate everyone’s showing courtesy and kindness to those who may or may not be wearing a facemask. 

Although not required, our best defense against COVID-19 is for everyone to take advantage of the widely available vaccines.  I personally strongly encourage you to be vaccinated if there are not reasons prohibiting you from taking advantage of the vaccine.  For information on sites near you to receive one of the three FDA approved vaccines, visit  It is important to continue to self-assess your health and self-report if you have any COVID-19 symptoms.  McLennan Community College is required to continue tracking all positive cases and reporting information on our webpage. 

I thank you for helping to keep McLennan Community College safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are excited to be taking this step forward.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at  I ask that you continue to be safe and make the best decisions for you, your families, and your friends.

Johnette E. McKown