Strategic Goals


We will educate all MCC students, faculty, and staff through PD training, student workshops in convenient and accessible formats.

We will educate through:
  • self-assessment
  • sustainability and accountability by identifying and breaking down systemic barriers
  • providing definitions for DEI terminology and maintaining a living list of resources
  • continuing to educate personnel through professional development opportunities, community forums, conferences, and educational team meetings 
We will cultivate and develop a transformative campus culture.
We will cultivate by:
  • providing a link for anonymous questions or statement from the MCC community and holding regular forums to address feedback
  • implementing workshops/collaborative meetings with the leadership
  • working with IR to implement assessments such as pre/post surveys and campus climate surveys to measures change or enhancement in understanding and awareness
We will collaborate with the campus community to continue conversations.
We will collaborate by:
  • engaging campus conversations and town hall meetings with the MCC community
  • creating and supporting DEI related programming and awareness activities to engage the campus community
  • participating in ensuring diversity in hiring 
  • implementing and supporting Instruction with DEI in the classroom
Have a question about DEI? Call us at 254-299-8334 or ask us anonymously.