Frequently Asked Questions

  • MCC Login Issues

    Please visit the Accounts and Access page to learn how to retrieve your MCC ID number, change your system password, or unlock your account. Select "All MCC Students, Employees & Faculty" for options.

    For additional technology assistance and contact information, please visit the Tech Support webpage.

  • Testing FAQ

    In accordance with state guidelines, McLennan tests all incoming students for college readiness in reading, writing and math. McLennan uses the TSI Assessment, but students may be exempt from all or part of the testing based on SAT, ACT or other standardized test scores.

    • How do I know if I'm excused from placement testing?

      Please check the dual credit TSI exemptions for current exemption requirements based on common standardized test scores. These alternate test scores may exempt/waive students from part or all of the TSI Assessment testing.

    • If I need to take a placement test, what should I do?

      Step 1: Complete the TSI Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA).

      • Click here for the PAA.
      • Your college student ID number will be requested, but it is not required.
      • The PAA must be completed before your test session.

      Step 2: Sign up for the exam.

      • If testing at a high school test site, please contact the high school counselor.
      • To test at MCC, contact the Testing Center (254-299-8453) or register here.

      Step 3: Take the TSI Assessment (at MCC).

      • Go to the Testing Center (on the 2nd floor of the Student Services Center) at least 15 minutes before your test time.
      • Bring a picture ID and your payment receipt.
    • What can I do to prepare for the placement test?

      The MCC Testing Center offers online videos to help students prepare for the TSI asessment. Please visit the TSI Assessment Prep Videos page to view the offerings.

    • What is the testing deadline?

      Fall dual credit students should make every effort to complete testing by the first week of July.

      All dual credit testing should be completed no later than one week before the semester begins.

    • Did I pass the TSI Assessment?
      TSI ASSESSMENT (Phase 1)
      Reading Math Writing
      351+ 350+ • Essay score of 5+ OR
      • Essay score 4 AND Multiple Choice score of 340+
      Required score for ALL academic, AAS, level 2 certificate courses Required score for some courses, including MATH, ENGR and some science Required score for some courses, including ENGL courses
    • Is there a test to determine readiness for online courses?

      Yes, students should take this free assessment before enrolling in an online course.

  • Schedule Changes

    Students wishing to change their dual credit schedule are responsible for consulting with the high school counselor first since high school graduation may be affected. Students withdrawing from classes within the first 20 class days of the semester may be eligible for a full or partial tuition refund. See the tuition and fees page for more details.

    To add/drop a course during a registration period:
    If a student already has an enrollment form for that semester on file in the High School Pathways office, please complete and submit a schedule change form. The signed form may be submitted to

    To drop a course during the semester:
    The student should discuss options with the professor and the high school counselor. If a decision is made to withdraw through the 60 percent point in the semester, the student will submit a schedule change form. The signed form may be submitted to Alternately, the instructor may decide to process the withdrawal through WebAdvisor.

  • Payment FAQ

    Payment is due 10 days before the start of the semester.

    Students dropping a course must do so before the first day of the semester to avoid a forfeiture fee. Students who are deleted from a course for nonpayment may still owe the forfeiture fee.

    • Where is my bill?
      • MCC tuition bills are sent to the MCC student e-mail account and the personal e-mail address the student listed on the MCC general application.
      • The student's account balance may be viewed at any time by logging in to WebAdvisor, selecting the "student" menu, and then selecting "statement of charges."

      If the student has no tuition owed, he/she may not yet be enrolled in a course.

    • How do I make a payment?

      Tuition may be paid at the MCC Business Office, located on the first floor of the Administration Building, or by check or money order sent through the US mail (please include the MCC student ID number on the payment; mail to: MCC Business Office, 1400 College Dr., Waco, TX 76708).

      Instructions for paying online are provided in this handout and this video.

      DEADLINE: Please make your payment before the deadline, which falls approximately two weeks before the start of the semester.

      If the student has no tuition owed, he/she may not yet be enrolled in a course.

    • How much will it cost?

      Dual credit students in McLennan County pay $77 per semester hour for standard tuition and fees. Special course fees, such as lab fees, are not included in that figure.

      For more information, please see the tuition and fees page of the MCC website.

    • What about the tuition exemption?
      • Tuition waivers cover tuition and fees for McLennan County residents.
      • Textbooks are not covered by a tuition exemption.
      • Tuition exemption awards are based on size and income of a family.
      • Students who receive a tuition exemption will still receive a tuition bill for their records.
      • Funds for approved tuition exemptions are not transmitted to the student's account until 10 days before the start of the semester. The student's account will show a balance until that time.
  • Student Accommodations

    Students requiring physical, classroom or testing accommodations should contact the McLennan Accommodations Specialist at 254-299-8122 or

  • Free Support Services

    Free support services are available to all McLennan students, including tutoring (254-299-8500), college advising (254-299-8937), and access to success coaches (254-299-8226).