New Student Orientation | McLennan Community College

MCC’s New Student Orientation

Welcome to McLennan!

If you are visiting this page, hopefully, you have already completed the steps to Become a S​t​u​d​e​n​t​. If not, please visit that page to ensure you are ready for New Student Orientation! When you meet with an advisor, he or she will help you sign up for New Student Orientation.

New to McLennan Community College

To enhance your success in your new role as an MCC student, we have developed a required two-part orientation program for you that is both exciting and educational!

New Student Orientation (online)

As part of the New Student Orientation (online), you’ll build a foundation of knowledge of the student support services and resources available to you as well as learn how to navigate online tools that you’ll use as an MCC student.

New Student Orientation (in-person)

During the New Student Orientation (in-person), you’ll establish meaningful relationships with your peers as well as with faculty and staff members dedicated to supporting you throughout your academic journey at MCC. You’ll also engage with campus traditions and familiarize yourself with the campus as part of the New Student Orientation Tour.