Program Review, Planning & Assessment

Welcome to the webpage of the office of Program Review, Planning, and Assessment which is part of MCC's Research, Planning and Information Technology area. This office is responsible for operational and strategic planning, Perkins administration, program review, curriculum revision assistance, WECM Coordination, internal audits and student learning outcome assessment. More specific details are provided below:

Operational and Strategic Planning

Responsible for providing assistance and guiding units of the College in their annual planning processes. Assistance is provided in developing basic operational roadmaps known as Unit Level Plans. The plans include areas such as unit objectives, unit strategies, unit expected outcomes, budget planning and development, and quality review functions.

In addition, assistance is provided to the College in developing, implementing, monitoring and assessing the overall strategic plan for the institution.

Perkins Administration

Responsible for helping the College obtain significant funding from the federal Carl D. Perkins Act. This office provides assistance in the application for these funds, and provides supervision in administering the funds in accordance to guidelines.

Program Review

Responsible for helping all credit programs conduct annual reviews involving enrollment, student performance, faculty usage, income and expenses and other quality factors. The office established and maintains the system for these reviews. Assistance is provided to the programs while conducting their reviews. Additionally, this office monitors the completion of required reviews and provides necessary reporting.

Curriculum Revision

Responsible for assisting the Office of Program Development in the formal curriculum revision process for internal and State mandated changes.

WECM Coordination

Responsible for providing and coordination for all Workforce Programs to remain in compliance with WECM guidelines.

Internal Audit

Responsible for conducting studies and audits to assist the College in remaining in compliance with various internal and external regulations and guidelines. Types of studies and audits conducted will include evaluating operations, policies, procedures and internal controls.

Student Learning Outcome Assessment

Responsible for providing assistance to faculty and program administration to determine if student learning goals are accomplished.

This office will be glad to assist you with any concerns related to the areas outlined. We are open during the normal office hours posted by the college. We are located in various buildings so telephone 254-299-8642 for directions concerning a specific subject area.