NASA Scholar's Program

NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars

The NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars (NCAS) Program is a five-week online learning experience (approximately four hours of work each of the five weeks per student) culminating in an on-site learning experience at the end of the fall and spring semesters. Students will learn about the evolution of Mars and any future proposed missions.

The online program usually begins two weeks prior to the start of the college semester and concludes within five weeks. At the end of each of the four learning modules, students will take a short quiz to check for understanding. The final on-site experience will be conducted at NASA Johnson Space Center. Student expenses (except for air travel) are covered by this grant.

NASA Internships

NASA offers unique STEM-related internship programs year-round. These internships allow community college students to meet and work with NASA mentors in STEM fields all across the country. A student applies to the program and is matched with a NASA mentor based on the student’s chief interests and experiences. Students who are majoring in pre-engineering (with an intent to pursue aerospace, mechanical, computer and/or electrical engineering) or sciences (such as physics, astronomy, chemistry, and geology) are highly encouraged to apply.

Students from McLennan have access to special opportunities within the NASA internship program thanks to the college's association with the C²STEM grant.

Fall and spring semesters internships last 16 weeks, while summer internships are 8-10 weeks. Internships are located in various states throughout the U.S. First- and second-year college students are encouraged to apply. Student accepted by NASA will receive $6,000 per semester, which may need to be used to cover living expenses while away from home.

NASA Student Internship Dates and Deadlines

Application Dates

  • Spring 2017: accepted from June 2, 2016 through Oct. 17, 2016
  • Year-Long Internships: accepted at any time

Student Internship Start Dates

  • Fall (16 weeks): Late August or early September through mid-December
  • Spring (16 weeks): Mid-January through early May
  • Summer (8-10 weeks): Late May or early June through early August