Chartering a New Student Organization

The college recognizes the need for student organizations and provides criteria for the establishment of campus student organizations as listed in the Highlander Guide. To begin the process of chartering a student organization, students will need to:

  1. Identify other students who may be interested in participating in a new organization. Sustainability of an organization is important. Determine whether your organization will continue after you transfer or graduate from McLennan Community College.
  2. Identify one or more MCC faculty or staff members who agree to serve as advisors.
  3. Develop an organization constitution. It may be helpful to look at similar organization constitutions at other colleges. Key information that you will need to include in your constitution is provided in the Sample Constitution link below.
  4. The constitution will undergo a review process by the Office of Student Engagement and the VP Student Success. Once it has been determined the organization and its goals are compatible with the interests of the college, an Application for Charter must be submitted along with a digital copy of the constitution.

Students wishing to form a new organization should contact the Director, Student Engagement and Compliance education at 299-8465.