Available Software

Faculty & Staff

  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Camtasia
    • Camtasia makes it simple to record and create professional-looking videos on Windows and Mac.

    •  Software may be downloaded on up to 2 devices, for free

    • Request Camtasia
  • Printing
    • Printing is completed through Ricoh Printers using PaperCut Software.  This is installed on all faculty & staff computers/laptops. 

    • This allows you to print anywhere on campus, to a 'Ricoh' printer.

    • Below is a list of printers on campus, by building (sorted A-Z): 

      ADM 105
      ADM 2nd Floor (Financial Aid)
      ADM 314 (MARCOM)
      ADM 409
      BPAC 105
      BT 112
      BT 230
      CSC 124 (copy room)
      CSC C-201
      CSC D-Child Development Center
      CSC E-2nd Floor (Upward Bound/Adult Education Programs)
      CSC E-A16 (Continuing Education)
      ESC 109
      ESC Call Center (Enrollment Services)
      ESEC 106
      FO 100 (LLC)
      Highlander Ranch 127 (VetTech)
      HP 115
      HP 126 (Nursing)
      HP 210
      LTC 100 (ISS)
      LTC Library Front Desk
      M 203
      MAC 120 (University Center Workroom)
      MAC 224
      MAC 324
      MCCF Breakroom
      MTA 105
      S 112
      S 2nd Floor (workroom)
      S 345
      SSC 2nd Floor (Student Development)
      SSC 319 (Student Engagement)

Students, Faculty, & Staff

Last updated: 12/5/2022