Get Started

  1. Apply to McLennan Community College to receive your freshman and sophomore coursework.
  2. Choose the university you would like to attend at The University Center at MCC.
  3. Choose the degree you wish to pursue at The University Center at MCC.
  4. Visit us on the MCC Campus.
  5. Meet with an advisor from one of our partner schools.
    • Bring information on any other colleges you have attended.
    • Bring your previous college(s) transcript(s).

In general, you should first complete the freshman and sophomore level course work toward the bachelor degree which may include the completion of an Associate’s degree. MCC has transfer agreements with all University Center partners so that each course you successfully complete will transfer directly into your bachelor degree plan.

If you have previous college credit that transfers into MCC, there may still be some courses you can take at MCC. You will need to submit all your transcripts to MCC for evaluation and we will direct you to the proper academic advisor.

For a complete evaluation of where you should go from here, please drop by to see us, call us at (254) 299-8882, or email us!


Located in the Michaelis Academic Center, first floor 
at McLennan Community College