Business Educational Assistance Partnership (BEAP)

McLennan Community College proudly partners with several central Texas businesses in assisting their employees with achieving their educational goals and contributing to the progress of our community. 

We partner with local companies offering tuition assistance benefits to their employees as well as companies that simply encourage their employees to pursue a college degree or additional training. 

By partnering with MCC, your company and employees will receive assistance on-site or online with enrollment, financial aid, and other services that facilitate degree or certificate completion. 

Join us for a Webinar about MCC's Educational Assistance Partnership

Please join us to learn more about our Educational Assistance Partnerships Program and how your business can partner with MCC to help get your employees started on the road to a college degree, skills training, or specialized certifications. 

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If you are unable to attend, please view a previously recorded webinar:

How does partnering with MCC benefit a company?

  • MCC will offer your company:
    • Personalized assistance for your employees with application, enrollment, and success at McLennan Community College (MCC)
    • On-site guidance for financial aid applications
    • Tailored marketing materials (webpage, flyers, publications) to effectively communicate this benefit to potential new hires or current employees
    • Access to MCC's Career Center to post job openings and opportunities to recruit MCC students and graduates
    • Easy payment process through MCC's Business Office (if applicable)
    • Access to on-campus facilities for interviewing and recruiting MCC students
    • Inclusion on the MCC website with information customized to your company
  • Your employees will also benefit from:

MCC also offers the following programs and services that your employees and your company may benefit from: 

How might an Employee Educational Assistance program benefit my company? 

  • Provides valuable employee benefit
  • Possible tax benefits for employers ( Learn More)
  • Increases employee retention
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Strengthens your company

Local business partners

At McLennan Community College (MCC), we prioritize empowering, engaging, and rewarding employees through professional development and lifelong learning opportunities. To further support this mission, we have established partnerships with several local companies.

These companies not only encourage their employees to pursue a degree or certificate at MCC but also provide additional resources and support. However, it's important to note that each business partner has its own specific policy and guidelines for their program.

To learn more about the partnership opportunities available with our esteemed local company partners, please click on the links below:




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For more information, contact:
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