Our Mission


Our mission is to educate our students - improving their lives and enriching our community.

Core Values:

  1. People matter - We will be honest, humble, respectful, and gracious to our students and to each other. We best serve our students, colleagues, and community when we work as a team.
  2. Inclusiveness matters - We will seek to appreciate and understand our students and each other, actively seeking different viewpoints. We will work to create a civil, welcoming environment where our diverse community of students and employees learn, teach, and work together.
  3. Integrity matters - We will work with the highest level of integrity, taking responsibility for all of our actions. We will tell the truth and seek to be fair in our decision-making and actions.
  4. Communication matters - We will be open, collegial, and courageous in our communications with students and with our colleagues. We will listen before we speak. We will communicate decisions and the reasons for them.
  5. Excellence matters - We will strive for excellence in all that we do. We will actively plan for the future, seeking new and innovative ways to accomplish our mission.


To ensure the strategic goals and priorities of McLennan Community College’s Vision 2030 are achieved, MCC has established institutional objectives as strategic guides to Focus on the Future. The four main goals of the Vision 2030 are:

  1.  Help all students succeed at the highest level possible.
  2.  Take care of our people.
  3.  Impact the community.
  4.  Develop resources to fund success.