2022-25 Strategic Plan

  1. Help all students succeed at the highest level possible.
    1. Improve student mastery of general and workforce education state learning outcomes.
    2. Increase fall-to-spring and fall-to-fall retention across all demographic groups.
    3. Increase the percentage of students successfully completing courses, credentials, certificates, associate degrees, transferring to four-year institutions, and/or job placement across all demographic groups.
    4. Increase the percentage of student participation in curricular and co-curricular activities.
    5. Build pathways for students in Adult Education and Literacy programs to college credentials, certificates and degrees
    6. Expand access to college services for students in our Adult Education and Literacy and non-credit programs
    7. Develop wrap-around services to provide for our students’ basic needs in completing their academic goals at the college.

  2. Take care of our people.
    1. Provide a positive and engaging environment where employees are involved, enthusiastic, and committed across the organization.
    2. Improve student awareness and utilization of academic and support resources both on campus and in the community.
    3. Create a welcoming environment on campus for students and the community.
    4. Provide an affordable education for our students.
    5. Pay market salaries for all employees.
    6. Provide employees with relevant personal and professional development opportunities

  3. Impact the community.
    1. Strengthen dual credit partnerships for increased student success
    2. Increase collaboration between our ISD partners and the college to best support our students
    3. Increase collaboration with our University Center partners
      1. Expand degree offerings
      2. Implement dual enrollment opportunities with our two university partners
    4. Expand business outreach and partnerships to meet industry demand for skilled workers.
    5. Increase MCC's student and employee volunteerism and community service in our service area
    6. Promote the college’s contributions to the community through the arts, athletics, community partnerships, and enrichment activities to improve the quality of life in our service area.

  4. Provide resources to fund success
    1. Increase student enrollment in all categories and demographics.
    2. Increase the scholarship endowments, grant writing, and fund-raising at the MCC Foundation in support of college priorities.
    3. Improve administrative efficiency.
    4. Build on program review process to identify efficiencies, growth opportunities and changes in support of the college priorities and the community needs.
    5. Utilize & leverage the power of employees as community ambassadors.
    6. Identify external funding opportunities that support initiatives that benefit the College and the community.