Annual Priorities


2023-24 Annual Priorities

  • Grow completion and graduation rates through the use of data, metrics, and high-impact practices to increase student success and to maximize benefit to the College and the community from the new Community College Formula Funding Model. (Goal I, Goal II, Goal III, and Goal IV)
  • Increase collaborations with industry, educational, and community partners to assist with the initiation of beneficial opportunities and projects that meet the needs of the community and the College. (Goal II and Goal III)
  • Increase credit and non-credit enrollment through Strategic Enrollment Management. (Goal IV)
  • Standardize institutional policies to ensure currency with State and Federal legislation and best practices. (Goal IV. C)

2022-23 Annual Priorities

  • Develop wrap-around services to provide for our students’ basic needs in completing their academic goals at the college. (Goal I. G)
  • Improve student awareness and utilization of academic and support resources both on campus and in the community. (Goal II. B)
  • Strengthen dual credit partnerships for increased student success. (Goal III. A)
  • Increase student enrollment in all categories and demographics through the Strategic Enrollment Plan and committees. (Goal IV. A)