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Paulanne's Pantry

Free food pantry open to MCC and University Center students, faculty, and staff

  • Located in: Success Coaching Services, Student Services building, 2nd floor, Room 249
  • Call 254-299-8561
  • Email

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Grab & Go Stations

Grab-N-Go stations are free snack stations that are primarily consisted of healthy food choices.  Students (and faculty) get busy with classwork and tight schedules.  It's not always convenient or affordable to stop for a snack.  Because of this, Grab-N-Go stations have been placed around campus to help offset hunger so that students can concentrate in class.  MCC cares about the success of our students.

Located conveniently across campus:

  • 3rd floor of the MAC building
  • 3rd floor of the LTC building
  • 2nd floor of the Student Services building
  • Enrollment Services
  • ESEC
  • Vet Clinic
  • Break room of CSC building


Shepherd's Heart Food Truck Distribution

3-4 pm, Parking Lot R, 2nd Thursday of every month


SNAP Applications

Did you know the federal government added special provisions for students to the SNAP application.  The government recognizes that taking time for classes can mean taking time away from work.  If you are a student with $0 Expected Family Contribution, or if  you are eligible for the work study program, then you qualify for SNAP benefits. 

Contact the CREW for assistance or information on completing or correcting SNAP applications.

Off-Campus Food Resources

Download this food resource guide created by Caritas of Waco to see a list of all the food pantries in the Waco area, as well as locations to receive a hot meal.

Click Shepherd's Heart Mobile Distribution Calendar to find out where and when Shepherd's Heart will be handing out food in the community.


For Off-Campus Resources: 

Last updated 2/7/23