Current International Students

Current International Students

Find answers to common questions from international students currently enrolled at MCC.

If you will not complete your degree requirements before the program end date of your I-20, you must apply for a program extension.  To maintain your F-1 status, the extension must be filed before the program end date listed on your I-20.  Program extension requires a recommendation from your academic advisor and an updated bank statement.  Contact the International Student Office to request the form.

Email and include your acceptance letter and date you wish the record to be transferred.

You are eligible to work on-campus for McLennan Community College if you have a valid F-1 visa and you maintain good academic standing. You can work up to 20 hours a week.  You are not allowed to work off campus without prior approval from International Student Office and USCIS.  A social security number is required to work on campus.

See How to apply for a Social Security Number below.

Once you have been offered a position on campus, you will need to apply for a Social Security Number (SSN) before you can begin working.  To apply for a Social Security Number, obtain an employment letter from the hiring manager.  The International Student Office has an employment form letter the hiring manager can use to ensure all required information is included.  Next, submit the completed employment letter to the International Student Office as proof of an offer of employment.  The International Student Office will then issue a work eligibility letter.  Both letters, your original signed I-20, passport, visa and I-94 are required to apply.  You can find more information on the requirements, here or visit,

Note:  SSNs are issued for tax purposes only.  You cannot receive a SSN for identification purposes.

My f-1 status at MCC has been terminated, what do I do now?  Schedule an appointment with the International Student Office to discuss your options.

Any international student can apply for the Texas driver license and the Texas State ID. Both are issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

MCC does not require health insurance, but it is highly recommended.  Health costs in the U.S. are very expensive.  The following health insurance companies serve international students.  MCC is not associated and/or affiliated with these organizations.  This list is to serve as a starting point for students.  You can find more options by searching the internet as well.

International Student Insurance

ISO Insurance

International Student Protection (ISP)

No.  We recommend using to search for apartments near the MCC campus.  MCC is not associated/affiliated with or any housing options listed on their site. 

While it’s possible, the change of status process in the U.S. is lengthy and costly.  Applying for an F-1 visa outside the U.S. is recommended because it takes less time.  Because both options require application to USCIS, neither option is guaranteed.  For more information on the change of status process visit and  If you have further questions, please contact us at

Yes.  Transportation resources can be found, here.


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