Are you ready to take online courses?

Answer the following questions honestly, with a YES or NO:

  1. I feel confident using a variety of technology.
  2. I know how to use common software, such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.
  3. I know how to attach videos or images to a document or email.
  4. I enjoy searching the Internet to learn about topics that interest me.
  5. I use social media to connect with others.
  6. I spend a good portion of my time using technology.
  7. I have access to a reliable computer or phone with Internet access.
  8. I enjoy reading articles or websites on a computer or phone.
  9. I need to take online courses because of my personal/work schedule.
  10. I have a conflict of schedule or location that makes it difficult to attend classes on campus.
  11. I am comfortable seeking help when I have a problem.
  12. I am organized and can follow a schedule.
  13. I am motivated to take online courses.
  14. I am comfortable interacting with others through discussion posts and email.
  15. I am capable of completing work independently, with little guidance from others.

If you answered “YES” to eight or more questions, there is a strong possibility that you are ready for online courses.

If you answered “NO” to eight or more questions, you may want to brush up on your technology skills, your study habits, or your time management skills before starting an online course. Seek support from family, friends, and campus resources when you decide to enroll in an online class.

Student Readiness Assessment

The SmarterMeasure assessment is a tool that will provide insight into how prepared you are to take online classes. It is helpful to understand your strengths and weaknesses with technology and your learning environment before making a decision about this option.

*Please note: This assessment takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.

When you are ready to begin the SmarterMeasure assessment, use the following information:

  • Username: mclennan
  • Password: student

Be sure to enter all information when prompted.