Highlander Restart Program

Highlander Restart Program

Has a debt to MCC become a stumbling block on your educational journey? The Highlander Restart program will help you get back on the path to receiving a certificate or degree from McLennan Community College.

To qualify, former McLennan students must have left the College in good academic standing and not have been enrolled in classes in the previous academic year. Students owing $500 or less are eligible to enroll in classes immediately with no payment due at time of registration. Students with balances greater than $500 must make a payment to lower the balance due to $500 to be eligible for the Highlander Restart Program and to enroll in classes. 

Once the student completes all of the coursework to complete their degree or certificate, the College will waive up to $500 of their outstanding balance. With this program, students achieve their educational goal and take care of their previous debt. 

We are here and ready to help our former Highlanders restart their educational journey! Students are encouraged to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and apply for financial aid. 

Highlander Restart Program Requirements 

Once enrolled in the Highlander Restart Program and to remain eligible, students must:

  • Enroll in a minimum of 6 credit hours each semester.
  • Take courses on their specific degree plan.
  • Maintain a 2.0 semester GPA.
  • Keep good disciplinary standing at the College (see the General Conduct Code)
  • Be responsible for all current enrollment costs unless eligible for financial aid.
    • If awarded Financial Aid, the student may use it to cover current enrollment costs; however, only $200 of Financial Aid funds may be applied to the past outstanding balance to the College.
    • Students are not eligible for MCC's payment plan while participating in this program.
  • Participate in monitoring with the Success Coaching Services.

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