Summary of Recent Legislation

Senate Bill 11, the "campus carry" law, was passed by the Texas Legislature and signed into law by Governor Abbott in the spring of 2015. It states that, beginning August 1, 2017, a person who holds a license to carry a handgun may carry the weapon - concealed - both on the grounds and in the buildings of an institution of higher education.

S.B. 11 authorizes the president of a public college to enact reasonable rules and regulations regarding the concealed carry of handguns on campus; however, these rules and regulations may neither generally prohibit nor have the effect of generally prohibiting license holders from carrying their concealed handguns on campus.

A second bill passed by the Legislature - the open-carry law - expressly exempts all institutions of higher education. Thus, the open carry of handguns on campus is a crime.

McLennan Community College President Dr. Johnette McKown established the Campus Carry Policy Working Group to recommend implementation policies for S.B. 11. The Working Group comprises faculty, staff, students, a distinguished board alumnus, and college administrators.

Legislation Compliance Guidance

Senate Bill 11 includes provisions to allow colleges the ability to have some discretion in tailoring handgun rules for their respective campuses. Senate Bill 11 describes limitations on the college's discretion with enactment of the new law. Below are the key points:

  • Subject to rules adopted by the college, individuals holding a valid Texas handgun license will be allowed to carry their handgun, concealed on their person, on campus.
  • The president of each college shall establish "reasonable rules" regarding the carrying of handguns on the campus.
  • The established policy may not be generally prohibitive.
  • Consultation with students, staff and faculty should occur before a policy is established.
  • The consultations should take into account the student population, specific safety considerations for that campus, and the uniqueness of the campus environment.
  • At any campus location that is declared off limits for concealed carry, notice must be given by signage meeting the requirements of Texas Penal Code section 30.06.
  • Policy adopted by the college is subject to review at two levels:
  • By the Board of Trustees no later than 90 days after the college's President adopts the policy. The Board may modify the rules, but only by a two-thirds majority vote.
  • By September 1st of each even-numbered year, the college must submit a report to the Legislature and standing committees describing the rules adopted and explaining the reasons the institution has established those provisions.
  • Once established, the college will widely distribute its policy, rules, and regulations to students, staff and faculty.


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