Program & Graduate Goals

Program Goals

  1. Develop within students solid metacognitive strategies to promote effective critical thinking and life-long learning strategies.
  2. Produce graduates who can meaningfully contribute to the profession and provide the highest standard of patient care as a member of a rehab team.

Faculty Goal

  1. Faculty will model professionalism through professional advancement, contemporary practice, and/or engagement in the profession of physical therapy.

Graduate Goals

An entry-level physical therapist assistant and graduate of the program will demonstrate:

  1. The ability to work under the direction and supervision of a physical therapist in an ethical, legal, safe and effective manner that reflects an understanding of the role and responsibilities of the PTA within the physical therapy delivery system.
  2. The ability to use critical thinking, clinical reasoning, judgment, and problem-solving skills to apply evidence-based physical therapy interventions.
  3. The ability to work both intra- and inter-professionally by the effective use of written, oral and nonverbal communication with patients, families, colleagues, health care providers, and the public.
  4. The ability to interact with patients and families in a manner which provides the desired psychosocial support including the recognition of cultural differences.
  5. The ability to be a lifelong learner by keeping current with evidence-based professional practice.
  6. Active involvement in professional development, leadership, and advocacy.