Application Process FAQs

The best source to review for all program information is the Fact Sheet. Anyone interested in our program can find detailed information on the program webpage.

  • English 1301 or 1302
  • Biology 2401 Anatomy & Physiology I
  • RADR 1201 Introduction to Radiography
  • College level Math—I recommend Math 1332.

A student will be required to complete remedial courses if their TSIA scores do not show college readiness. Your advisor can help you plan your academic needs. However, if you are “exempt” or have passed the TSIA requirements, it will be reflected on your transcript or automated degree plan.

Applications for the program can be printed from the Admission Process section of our webpage or you may pick up an application from the MCC Radiologic Technology Department/offices located in the Community Services Center, C-Wing.

The application to the program contains a checklist for guidance of the appropriate documentation to be submitted. Please do not submit partial or incomplete application. Applications must be submitted by June 1 to the Radiologic Technology Program Director located in the Community Services Center, C-Wing.

The Radiologic Technology program is competitive to gain acceptance to due to the large number of candidates interested in this career path. It is recommended that students strive to exceed the minimum requirements. Please refer to the Fact Sheet and make an appointment with an advisor to plan your coursework from the beginning to ensure you are on the right track.