Effective 01/27/2023

  • Students
    1. Review the program guidelines on this website and the student enrollment checklist.

    2. Please collect this information before beginning:
      • Student's physical address
      • Student's Social Security number
      • Student's email address (not an ISD address)
      • Student's phone number
      • Parent's legal name
      • Parent's email address (not an MCC address)
    3. McLennan County area students should access the High School Pathways Portal--the online enrollment system for dual credit, ECHS, and early admission.

      See the Related Links for the link to the High School Pathways Portal.
      The portal's progress tracker guides students through the enrollment process.

      Student Instructions for Portal

      Monitor the progress tracker to ensure all steps are completed and all paperwork received by MCC.
  • Parents
    Parent Information Session - On Demand

    1. Review the program guidelines on this website and the student enrollment checklist.

    2. Registration occurs in the High School Pathways Portal. The student must begin the process and provide the parent name and email address.

    3. Watch for an email from dualcredit@mclennan.edu
      • Check your junk/spam folder.
      • The email contains a link to the dual credit parent consent form.
      • Emails will be sent by the dual credit office once per week.
      • The form is also available in the Related Links section of this website.

    4. Email the completed, signed consent form to dualcredit@mclennan.edu
      • Consent applies until high school graduation.
  • Notes for Homeschool Families
    Parent Information Session - On Demand

    1. Use the High School Pathways Portal for registration, BUT
      • The student should use the MCC student email account to send section numbers for the courses to the High School Pathways Office. 
      • Parental consent will also count as high school approval.
    2. Once per academic year, each homeschool family will sign a dual credit agreement with MCC.

  • Instructions for Out-of-Area Students
    1. Students attending schools not partnered with MCC for dual credit may enroll in Early Admission courses (college credit only). Since these out-of-area high schools are not programmed into the online portal, please follow the enrollment process below. 

    2. Submit forms and accompanying paperwork to the High School Pathways office at dualcredit@mclennan.edu.
  • Financial Aid for Swift Transfer (FAST)
    Beginning in Fall 2024, MCC will adopt the FAST program, a state of Texas program for dual credit financial aid. FAST-eligible dual credit students will incur no cost for dual credit coursework.

    Dual credit students are eligible for benefits under the FAST program if they:
    • are enrolled at a Texas public or charter school;
    • are enrolled in an eligible dual credit course included in the annual dual credit agreement between MCC and the ISD/charter school; and
    • were qualified for the national free/reduced-price lunch program in any of the four school years prior to the academic year in which they enroll in the dual credit course.

     As established through partnership agreements with area public/charter schools, dual credit expenses for FAST-eligible students will be addressed as follows.

    • MCC will waive dual credit tuition and fees.
    • The ISD/charter school will provide textbooks and/or required dual credit course materials.
    • FAST-eligible dual credit students will have access to computers and Internet service in the MCC library and other publicly-accessible areas on campus.
    • The ISD/charter school may provide student access to a computer and/or Internet connection at its discretion.

     There is no application form for the FAST program. MCC and the ISD/charter school will communicate necessary data once the student registers for a dual credit course.

  • Dual Credit Cost
    Please visit the MCC tuition and fees page for detailed information about the cost of dual credit.