Graduation Through Reverse Transfer

Our reverse transfer program provides an avenue for obtaining an associate degree after transferring to a four-year university. Traditionally, courses taken at McLennan can be applied toward a degree at a four-year university. The reverse transfer program allows courses taken at a four-year university to be applied toward an associate degree at MCC.

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Why Take Advantage of Reverse Transfer?

Even if you plan to obtain a bachelor’s degree, having another degree on your resume can help you in the job market. With an associate degree, you may be able to move up at a job you have now, or you may qualify for new job opportunities.

There is no risk - even though you are applying the hours you have earned at the university toward your associate degree, the hours will still apply toward your bachelor’s degree.

How to Qualify

Qualification for an associate degree the through reverse transfer program:

  • Have earned 30 college credit hours from McLennan
  • Have earned at least 66 college credit hours combined from McLennan Community College and a university
  • Be in good standing at MCC and the university

How it Works

The university runs a computer query, based on course hours. If the query finds that you are eligible, the university contacts you and obtains your approval to send a transcript to MCC. If everything checks out, MCC informs you that you have qualified for the associate degree. It’s that easy!