Our services and resources are available free of charge to all McLennan, University Center, Dual Credit and Adult Education students including those in online classes. Academic Support & Tutoring can be found in the Learning Technology Center (LTC) as part of the Learning Commons and include the following: 

  • College Readiness and test preparation
  • Face-to-face tutoring and online tutoring (24/7 /Plato)
  • Individual/group study locations: various seating options and study carrels, study rooms & multipurpose rooms, commons, cafeteria, and more to suit your learning style and needs.
  • Technology: wifi, computers, audio/video recording, presentation spaces, document & book scanning, printing, 3D printing, poster printing, and more
NOTE: Additional services and resources are available upon request. Students are encouraged to contact AST & Learning Commons staff with requests and needs. 

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