Dennis Clark

District 7
Dr. Dennis Clark

Appointed to fill unexpired District 7 Board term on February 27, 2024.
  • Employment: President/CEO of Equine Performance Veterinarians, PLLC
  • Previous Employment: January 2013-May 2023 MCC employee/veterinarian with the Veterinary Technology program; 2003-2013 - Part-time instructor and continuing education instructor for MCC
  • Why I became an MCC TrusteeI believe in the mission of MCC to create educational opportunities for the citizens of McLennan County. My involvement with different industries and businesses has shown me the outreach and impact MCC has, and I wish to see the impact not only continue but to grow as our community continues to grow.
  • How my experience with MCC has affected my life: I have been a student, employee, and supporter of MCC since I moved to McLennan County in November 2001.