McLennan Bookstore


COVID-19 Pandemic Information:
Follett is currently offering all students free ground shipping with no minimum order. While this is the recommended method for purchasing materials, it is possible for other arrangements to be made by contacting the bookstore directly at 254-299-8456. Due to there being minimum bookstore staff on hand, please leave a message with a good callback number, if prompted.

In addition to free ground shipping, Follett is also offering students access to many eBooks from a variety of publishers at no additional cost through RedShelf. Details can be found at Approximately 80% of Follett’s titles are offered in this format.

Michaelis Academic Center, First Floor • 254-299-8685


The McLennan Bookstore is located on the first floor of the Dennis F. Michaelis Academic center and offers books for McLennan classes and classes offered through the University Center partner schools.

You can also find:

  • McLennan shirts, hats and other college items
  • School supplies
  • Greeting cards
  • Drinks and snacks

To access the online bookstore, visit

Hours are extended during back-to-school weeks, and summer hours may vary. Please click on Store Information or call 254-299-8685 for more information.

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Buying Books

You may purchase textbooks in person at the bookstore. You may also buy them online through WebAdvisor after you have registered for classes:

  1. Select McLennan Online Bookstore or My Class Schedule (click on buy books box at the bottom) to view a list of textbooks specifically needed for your classes.
  2. Choose from the required and optional, new and used textbooks.
  3. Select a payment method (including Financial Aid).
  4. Wait for an e-mail telling you where to pick up your order. Books are normally held for pickup until two weeks prior to the first day of class. You can order books after that time; however, the books will have to be shipped to you instead of picked up in the store.

Even if you don't order your books when you register, you can still do so at a later date.

Renting Books

Save money on your textbooks by renting them from the McLennan Bookstore. With the Rent-A-Text program, you get to:

  • rent books in the store or online, with in-store pickup.
  • pay for rented books with your preferred form of payment, including financial aid.
  • use rented books just as you would purchased books - you can still highlight and take notes in the books.
  • purchase your textbooks at the end of the term if you want to keep them.

For more information, visit or call the McLennan Bookstore at 254-299-8685.