Summit 2024


Are you feeling stuck between rising student demands for non-academic assistance and lack of funding for meeting these needs?

It's undeniable that our students struggle with housing, food, and financial insecurity - at a rate much higher than that of the general public. 

At the same time, research shows that graduating college creates opportunities for people to climb the economic ladder - enabling social mobility.

But the students we serve at Texas community colleges are some of the most vulnerable to the effects of basic needs insecurities. When faced with hunger, homelessness, or unexpected financial drains, students might choose to forego college to have money in the bank.

Our call to support students is undeniable; when we admit them to our institutions, we are committing to doing our part to see them graduate.

So what do we do when it seems like there's not enough money to go around to support all the initiatives of our institutions AND the demand keeps growing?

It's time to get creative.

The Campus Resources Office at McLennan Community College is thrilled to announce our 2024 Basic Needs Summit, entitled 'Design Thinking: Innovative Solutions for the College Basic Needs Crisis' - all day on Friday, May 10, 2024.

Join other educators and leaders from institutions across Texas for a one-day workshop that will help you think critically about the needs of your students, the state of your economy, and creative ways you can address the basic needs crisis given the resources available to you.

In this summit, we won't just showcase what certain colleges are doing well. Rather, we'll spend the majority of the day thinking, dreaming, and brainstorming specific ideas that you can take home to implement in the coming months.

There will be time for networking with other leaders and local resources to help you imagine what future partnerships might look like in addressing the basic needs crisis among college students. 

Register today for the design thinking summit! Registration will remain open until the day of the event or until spots are filled.

  • Regular registration: $25
  • Group rate (3+ people from a single organization): $15 / person

Want to extend your time in Waco? Stay for the weekend and experience all the culture our city has to offer. Creative Waco has developed a fantastic guide to help you make the most of your time.

Sol---headsot.jpgMeet our facilitator Sol Bautista, a dynamic public speaker whose strength and resilience have been honed through four decades of diverse life experiences. Hailing from Guadalajara, Jalisco, México, Sol's upbringing was steeped in the richness of storytelling, vibrant art, exquisite cuisine, infectious laughter, and a deep-seated love for humanity. Her intimate connection with nature is rooted in collaborative experiences with various indigenous communities, providing her with a unique perspective on the crucial role of diversity.

As a Mexican Immigrant with a Psychology degree from ITESO, a Jesuit University in Guadalajara, Sol undertook a transformative journey to enhance her knowledge, attending classes at Loyola University of Chicago to refine her English language skills. Her twelve impactful years as an educator in Texas left an enduring mark on the lives she touched, showcasing her ability to inspire and connect with diverse audiences.

Currently serving as the Director of Professional Development and Outreach at Creative Waco for the past year and a half, Sol seamlessly integrates her lived experiences into her role. In this capacity, she passionately leverages her journey as a driving force, exemplifying the transformative power of a growth mindset and unyielding curiosity. Sol believes in the potential of every individual to contribute meaningfully to the global community.

Sol Bautista is more than a speaker; she is a living testament to the fusion of diverse backgrounds and perspectives, illustrating the profound impact that one individual can have on the world. With a captivating presence and an unwavering commitment to fostering understanding and connection, Sol is dedicated to empowering audiences to embrace the transformative journey of embracing diversity.

We can't wait to welcome you to our beautiful campus for a day of collaboration and dreaming as we work together to address the college student basic needs crisis.