Building Safety Coordinators

In order to ensure the development, implementation, and updating of required written and practiced emergency and safety plans, McLennan Community College's Emergency Management Committee designates Building Safety Coordinators in order to:

  • Assist with regular emergency drills;
  • Maintain an email distribution list of all employees in the building or the floor where they are located or serve;
  • Notify the building or floor occupants about any emergencies that may arise in the building or on the floor;
  • Serve as the eyes and ears for the Crisis Committee;
  • Attend emergency and crisis training;
  • Assist the Crisis Committee with changes needs for the emergency operations plan;
  • Educate themselves and others about the specific details of their building or floor that may prove useful or dangerous in case of an emergency; and
  • Serve as the front-line communicators with students, faculty, staff, and community members when there is an emergency in the building or floor or when questions about safety or emergencies arise.

McLennan Building Safety Coordinators according to building and floor, if applicable.