iNaturalist: Documenting Organisms on MCC's Campus

Have you ever seen a plant or animal and wondered what it is? iNaturalist is a user-friendly naturalist community with a free app that you can download to your smartphone and help you identify species while contributing to science! This community is the world’s largest Citizen Science program, a type of scientific program where anyone, not just scientists, can contribute data. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department uses iNaturalist for a variety of projects, including documenting ranges of endemic and endangered species, and to monitor mortality from extreme events, like Winter Storm Uri. Help learn more about the species around you and contribute to science by signing up and downloading the app.

MCC Sustainability uses iNaturalist to document what species have been found on campus. You can use iNaturalist to document species anywhere you are on the planet, but when you document species on campus, you can help us track what species are found at McLennan Community College. Check out this link to see what species have been documented on campus to date. And next time you are on campus, use iNaturalist to help you identify organisms and help MCC keep track of what species can be found in our community!

an image of someone using the iNaturalist app