MCC awarded Title V grant funding

May 9, 2024

McLennan Community College (MCC) has been awarded grant funding from the Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) Program of the U.S. Department of Education for the College’s Title V project. MCC has established the RISE (Resilience Inspiring Student Excellence) Program, which will be funded by this second Title V grant awarded to the College. The project will place innovative support structures designed to create enriching academic opportunities that foster resilience and a sense of belongingness for MCC’s diverse student population.

The three components of the grant are: 1) building academic cohorts among adult students aged 25+ to improve course completion, credit accumulation, and graduation and transfer rates; 2) enhancing faculty support systems by providing best practices training for online and on campus pedagogy to better engage Hispanic, first generation, and low-income students; 3) building faculty and staff student mentoring relationships among adult students to help improve course completion, credit accumulation, career preparation, graduation and/or successful transfer to another college program, and employability post-graduation.

The percentage of funding for the Title V grant, "Cultivating Student Success and Persistence with Growth Mindset Intervention," is 100% from the federal government. The dollar amount of funding for the grant given by the Federal Government is $2,660,977, and the total percentage and dollar amount of the project's total costs financed by non-government sources are currently $0 and 0%.

For more information about the RISE program, contact