Student parking lots can be found on the campus map (student parking lots are white). Parking areas can become congested prior to class times, so be sure to allow plenty of extra time to find parking and get to class on time.

Where to Park

Students may park in all parking lots and spaces not designated for faculty, staff, visitors or The Art Center Waco. The parking garages are available for anyone to use free of charge. Except for those with disabilities, there is no reserved parking after 5 p.m. The following guidelines apply:

  • Blue stripes and curbs are reserved for disabled with state of Texas permit
  • Yellow or red curb are no parking areas
  • Unpainted curbs are no parking unless posted signs indicate otherwise

Vehicles illegally parked on the MCC campus will be immobilized or towed away at the owner's expense.

Refer to the Highlander Guide for additional information on parking regulations, parking permits, parking violations, and fines.

Shuttle Service

A free shuttle service is available from 7:45 a.m.-3:15 p.m. during the fall and spring semesters. Students may park their cars at the Community Services Center and catch shuttles to and from buildings on campus approximately every 15 minutes. MCC encourages you to take advantage of this service.

HOV, AFV and LEV Parking Spaces

Some spaces are designated as High Occupancy Vehicle, Alternative Fuel Vehicle and Low-Emitting Vehicle. These parking spaces are available in parking lots B and H, and at the Emergency Services Education Center.

HOV parking is reserved for vehicles that carry two or more occupants.

AFV parking is intended for vehicles meeting alternative fuel standards, including:

  • Biodiesel
  • Electricity (Hybrid)
  • Ethanol
  • Hydrogen
  • Methanol
  • Natural Gas
  • Propane

LEV parking is for vehicles meeting CARB emission standards.

HOV, AFV and LEV parking will be monitored by video cameras and Campus Police.

Parking violations will result in a $20 fine.