Audit Request


An auditor is an observer in a college credit course and is subject to the same tuition and fees as if taking the course for credit. Auditors are not subject to the Class Attendance Policy nor do they receive college credit.


A course that has been audited must be repeated if credit is to be awarded. Auditors must be eligible for admission to the College; their names will appear on the class roll. Auditors are entitled to use laboratory equipment and supplies or participate in field work on a space available basis. The faculty, however, is not obligated to take any papers or examinations from the auditor.


Auditors must receive approval to audit courses from the appropriate division chair, who shall have the authority to grant permission to audit courses in their areas of responsibility. Lecture courses are the most appropriate for students to audit. Auditors may not be accepted in certain courses, due to lack of space, course prerequisites, entrance requirements for a particular program, or the amount of individualized instructional time required, such as in internship courses. Auditors may enroll in certain courses only during the class change process.


A student may change from credit to audit status, with the approval of the appropriate program director, coordinator, or division chair, provided the change is made before the census date of course.


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