Enrollment-Education Verifications


Enrollment Verifications

Enrollment verifications are used to allow students to confirm registration at an institution. They are usually needed for the student to receive services such as insurance, child care assistance, and housing assistance.

Helpful Notes

  • Normal enrollment verifications do not contain the student’s complete social security number. If you need to have your full social security number supplied, please choose the military option on the form.
  • Anytime a request is processed prior to classes starting, the verification will note “Pre- Registered”.
  • We cannot process request prior to registration. Please wait until your registration is processed before submitting the form.
  • You are able to add forms for completion by using the attachment button at the bottom of the form.
  • Enrollment Statuses
    • 12+ Credit Hours = Full-time
    • 9-11 Credit Hours = Three-Quarter Time
    • 6-8 Credit Hours = Half-Time
    • 1-5 Credit Hours = Less Than Half-Time

Click here to access the Enrollment Verification Request form. Students can also complete the request form at Highlander Central located in the Enrollment Services building.

Deferment Request

Deferment request are used to pause payments for currently enrolled students who have already have student loans. McLennan Community College submits enrollment data once a month to the National Student Clearinghouse who is responsible for notifying NSLDS of the student’s enrollment. There are times where this process negates the need for the deferment request.

Helpful Notes

  • This form cannot be processed prior to the first class date.
  • Student must be at least half-time for our office to complete the request.

Form Submission Options

  • Use the link above in Enrollment Verification and attach your deferment form.
  • Email your form to enrollmentverify@mclennan.edu
  • Drop off at Highlander Central in the Enrollment Services Building.

Education Verifications

Third-parties can email education verifications to enrollmentverify@mclennan.edu. The form must contain a release of information section with the student’s written or electronic signature.