Cameron Hall


About the William W. Cameron Home …

The Past …

The home was originally called “Valley View” when it was constructed in 1921-‘22. The home was a wedding gift from William to his new bride Helen, who he married on June 21, 1921. Their only daughter Flora was born in 1925 and spent her childhood summers at the home. The home was famous for its enormous spring-fed pool, a feature unheard of in domestic use at the time.

The home’s name “Valley View” came from Valley View Farm, which originally included much of Cameron Park, the property where MCC is now, and land across the Bosque to Steinbeck Bend.  In 1910, William W. Cameron’s mother Flora and his siblings gave the City of Waco the property for the Park.  It remains among the largest urban parks in the United States. 


The home was used by the Cameron Family until 1939, when William W. Cameron passed away suddenly while testifying in a trial at the McLennan County Courthouse.  His widow Helen and their daughter Flora moved to San Antonio in 1940. 

For many years, the house and Valley View Farm property sat vacant until it was sold to the JD George family in April 1954.  Mr. George owned a construction company that he ran from the location off N. 19th St. and Stewart Drive (now College Drive.) 

Mr. George passed away in March 1956 and his wife Lillian and children remained on the property, at times renting out the home to the Noncommissioned Officer’s Club from nearby James Connally Air Force Base.  Around 1962, Mrs. George moved to a more manageable residence and the home was again vacant for several years. 

In August 1966, the Board of Trustees of the newly created McLennan Community College purchased the surrounding 160 Acres for the College’s campus and this purchase included the former Cameron/George residence.  The groundbreaking for the new campus was held near the house on July 27, 1967.

The house underwent a major renovation in the mid-1970s, funded by the Junior League, to provide a home for The Art Center of Waco.  The renovated Art Center opened on April 4, 1976, and the nonprofit rented the space from the College for $10 a year for more than 40 years.  During that time, the home and its historic courtyard hosted numerous social events and weddings. 

In 2017, it was discovered that the east wall of the house had separated from floor beams, causing it to lean out from the structure.  For safety, the College asked The Art Center to relocate so engineering studies could determine the extent of the latent damage. In 2021, MCC embarked on an ambitious plan to repair the structure and restore it to its former glory, but ultimately, this plan proved to be cost-prohibitive. 

The Future …

Today, McLennan Community College has developed an updated plan to reinvigorate the space by preserving the historic courtyard and creating a new venue, Cameron Hall, to recapture the magic of the original home. Cameron Hall’s design, along with the restored courtyard, will pay tribute to the home’s history while incorporating modern efficiencies. With your support, this important site will take on new significance as a multi-purpose event space to be used by the College and the community.

Just as the Cameron Summer Home owes its existence to the imagination of its visionary builder, William W. Cameron, it will find meaning once again thanks to the determination of a new group of visionaries—people like you. Your financial support will help to ensure that the Cameron legacy will live on for generations in this rejuvenated hub of social, cultural, and educational activity. Consider these planned uses: 

  • Beautiful, energy efficient, and functional space for College and community events
  • Collaborations for business and social events, including providing space at cost for area nonprofit organizations
  • Home for the MCC Foundation to serve as the hospitality arm of the College and raise funds for scholarships for MCC students
  • Interactive educational exhibits highlighting Cameron Park and the Cameron family—including collaboration with the MCC History Department for content and MCC Art Department for sculpture and temporary art displays
  • An ideal location for students of all ages to learn, including instruction in collaboration with MCC Business Programs for hospitality management and Continuing Education
  • Gardens to highlight the natural beauty of the northern point of Cameron Park, cared for in collaboration with McLennan County Master Gardeners

Please take a moment to consider lending your support to this effort. Your gift means far more than just helping to revitalize a beloved local landmark. It will be counted as a lasting gift to the entire Waco community.

There are a number of naming rights opportunities available for donors to the Cameron Hall and Courtyard project, including garden features, meeting spaces, and courtyard elements. If you would like to help bridge Waco’s rich history with its limitless future, please contact the MCC Foundation at or call 254-299-8604. 

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