Expenses in the ADN Program

Approximate Cost of the 36 credit-hour ADN Program (starting in Fall of 2023)

Each semester of ADN classes is nine (9) semester hours. The costs for the ADN program-only represent the tuition and fees for the four (4) semesters of nine (9) credit hours of classes. There will be no additional book purchases for the ADN program starting in the fall of 2023. All resources are included in the fees.

Level 1 – Tuition $ 954; Fees $1,900; Total tuition and fees for Level 1 of the ADN Program =  $2,854

Level 2 – Tuition $ 954; Fees $1129; Total tuition and fees for Level 2 of the ADN Program =  $2,083

Level 3 – Tuition $ 954; Fees $1,104; Total tuition and fees for Level 3 of the ADN Program =  $2,058

Level 4 – Tuition $ 954; Fees $1,241; Total tuition and fees for Level 4 of the ADN Program =  $2,195

Approximate total tuition and fees for 36 credit hours of ADN courses - $9,190

Additional costs for licensure, uniforms, & supplies are estimated to be: $959

Additional estimated costs include: Uniforms ($200), shoes ($50-$100), stethoscope ($90), pen light ($10), watch to count seconds ($30), simple calculator ($15), licensure ($370); background check ($50); drug screen; ($44)

Approximate total cost for nursing courses only with additional supplies - $10,149

Non-Nursing Courses 

For other courses required outside of nursing classes, please see the Tuition and Fees webpage on the mcLennan.edu website for specific information and a tuition and fees worksheet.

Approximate cost of pre/corequisite courses (24 credit hours) will be $2,928 plus any book/lab/special fees for courses.

Approximate costs for both the ADN program and other courses were calculated at the McLennan County resident tuition rate of $106 per semester credit hour with college fees totaling $16 per credit hour. The tuition for non-county residents who reside in Texas is $124 per semester hour and out of state resident tuition is $181 per semester hour.

The approximate cost for non-nursing courses (24 credit hours) + the ADN Program courses (36 credit hours) for a McLennan County Resident will be: $13,077

LVN to ADN Transition and MEEP 

The total approximate cost of the LVN to ADN Transition track (24 credit hours for Transition term and levels 3 & 4 of the ADN program) includes

Tuition $2,544; Fees $3417 = Total $5,961 Plus any extra supplies, licensure, uniform costs, etc. that will vary based on individual needs.

The approximate cost of the optional Multi-Entry and Exit Program (MEEP) is $550.00

**Students who were admitted prior to fall of 2023, should anticipate expenses for the following: tuition, fees, uniforms, books, travel, licensure exams, and graduation. All tuition, fees, and expenses can be located on the mclennan.edu "Tuition and Fees" webpage**

Financial Aid

A variety of financial aid is available to assist MCC students, including scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study opportunities. Contact the Financial Aid Office at 254-299-8698 for more information. Local hospitals and nursing homes may provide some scholarship assistance with stipulations regarding employment commitment for a required number of years after graduating. It is recommended that students explore all options before beginning nursing school.

Donors have generously given money to the MCC Foundation for ADN scholarships. To be eligible, you must be accepted into the ADN program. Scholarship applications are accepted between October and January of each year for the following fall and spring semesters.

Contact MCC's Financial Aid Office at 254-299-8698 for information about student loan repayment, counseling, monitoring and cooperation with lenders.