Clinical Transition Practicum (CTP) General Information

The CTP experience is designed to provide the graduating nursing student the opportunity to become socialized in the role of a professional nurse. This socialization occurs largely through working closely with an experienced nurse serving as a clinical preceptor. The professional nurse’s clinical experiences, insight and wisdom are valuable learning tools for transitioning students.


The CTP is a key process that reinforces clinical competence, clinical judgment and self-confidence as the student prepares to enter the nursing workforce.

Preceptor arrangements are individual contractual agreements for supervision of graduating nursing students. Each agency recommends professional nurses who have been identified as excellent role models to serve as transition preceptors. These nurses make a significant contribution to the nursing program and nursing workforce in McLennan County and surrounding counties.

Tuition Exemption

In appreciation of preceptors' help with one-on-one experiences for our students, MCC offers a $500 tuition exemption for nurses who serve as preceptors.


  • Must be currently precepting
  • Exemption applies only to preceptors and their children for courses taken at MCC from MCC (not the University Center).


  • Each individual must complete the application. Please click here to download the Tuition Exemption Form.
  • Provide a copy of the preceptor agreement
  • Deliver the application and preceptor agreement to the office of the Director of Financial Aid at MCC.*
  • The Financial Aid department will set up a code to exempt the tuition by $500, and the process will need to be repeated each semester prior to registering for courses.

*Note: The Tuition Exemption Form and a copy of the Preceptor Agreement must be turned in to the Financial Aid Director at MCC prior to registering for courses.

In an effort to encourage nurses to serve as Clinical Nurse Preceptors, the State of Texas will provide partial exemption from tuition for registered nurses who qualify and/or their children attending a public college or university.

Refer to for further information and guidelines.

Clinical Transition Practicum Agreement and Data Form:

Please complete and sign the CTP Agreement Form. Once signed, the Agreement is valid for 3 years.
Please complete and sign the Preceptor Data Sheet (also located on CTP form). Once signed, the Data Sheet is valid for 3 years. Please update and submit if changes occur in the information. This is a general agreement with the program. You will be asked to sign an individual agreement with a student each term as a part of the student/preceptor orientation process. 

Clinical Packet of guidelines, policies and procedures and forms.

The clinical coordinator or faculty advisors are available to answer questions and provide a more in depth explanation of policies and procedures found in the CTP Packet. Up to date CTP packets are found in the student's current CTP course for each semester. A sample is provided in the preceptor training shared by our Clinical Coordinator. Contact information provided each semester.