Clinical Practice

Students enrolled in the Respiratory Care Technology Program gain a wide variety of experiences through rotations at clinical sites in central Texas. Students are supervised in the clinical setting at all times by qualified clinical staff. Students complete approximately 1200 clinical hours during their two years of enrollment. Students will gain experience working with state-of-the-art equipment during their clinical rotations, including short rotations in special clinical areas. Professional liability insurance is provided to the student through registration fees. Ninety seven (97%) of MCC's technical program graduates are employed and/ or are continuing their education as compared to statewide percentages of 87%. It is the student's responsibility to arrange for transportation to the clinical sites, as many as 60 miles from the MCC campus.

Cost: Because various expenses may change, applicants are encouraged to contact the program director for current information about such costs as tuition, fees, books and uniforms.

Financial Assistance: A variety of financial assistance programs are available (scholarships, grants, loans and work study opportunities). For questions regarding financial aid call: 254-299-8689.

The respiratory care curriculum is rigorous and consists of six semesters of a full time course load. Students are discouraged from working full time while enrolled in the program.

Immunizations - Drug Screens - Criminal Background Checks

Immunizations must be current for varicella, measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria/tetanus and Hepatitis B.

After enrollment in the program, the applicant must receive a negative report for a drug screen and must undergo a criminal background check before clinical courses begin. A criminal background may prohibit a student from participating in clinical course work and therefore from completing the program. A criminal background may prohibit a graduate from obtaining a license to practice respiratory therapy in Texas.

See these web sites for more information regarding the Respiratory Practice Act in Texas.