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Highlander Highlights

Meet MCC social work student, Antonianett Garcia!

At MCC, Antonianett feels connected and accepted. She loves that MCC is an affordable option and says that her professors have always been wonderful to her. She is a member of TRIO and says the program helped her navigate college! Antonianett says that because of her time at MCC, she has not only learned so much but now feels confident enough to continue her educational journey.

“My advice to students is that the only thing that could hinder your success is yourself. I started my educational journey when I was 28 years old. A part of this was me feeling like I wasn’t capable but the irony of it all is I never tried. I look back now and I have been very successful in college and have surpassed my initial goals. Always believe in yourself and never stop dreaming.”



Meet MCC graduate and CARE Case Manager, Lacey Fitch-Ondracek!


Lacey is an MCC graduate who previously served as a Connections Leader and later, worked temporarily with the Support and Empowerment program at MCC upon completion of her Master’s degree in Social Work. Lacey says that as a student, MCC served as a pillar in both her success as a student and a single mother.

“MCC has always been family oriented and definitely treated me as such which really encouraged me to reach my goals, despite the many challenges I faced. I had phenomenal professors and programs that uniquely supported me. MCC truly cared about my well-being and success. It has been full circle being able to work with those who have invested in my education journey and now being given the opportunity to invest in MCC students today.”

“Students, if you are walking this journey alone or do not have the best support system while trying to pursue your goals, get connected to people on campus! It was and still is the greatest gift that impacted my life.”


Meet MCC graduate and Patient Care Specialist, Lusi Su!


Lusi attended MCC in January 2008 where she completed her LVN certification 2010 and earned her Associate Degree Nursing in 2012. While at MCC, Lusi was enrolled in the first cohort of the Honors College, where she was involved in various community service events and research projects. Today, Lusi works at PALS Home Health as a Patient Care Specialist, after years of being a field nurse. She is heavily involved in a project called PALS Home Health Nurse Residency Program, which aims to support bright minds who are committed to making a positive impact in pediatric home health through learning and enrolls graduate nurses from ADN and LVN programs. As a graduate of MCC, Lusi enjoys connecting with MCC nursing students and faculty through this program.

“I enjoyed many things about MCC. Excellent professors, supportive faculty, and beautiful campus are the top reasons I love MCC!”

“I know many of you are taking on multiple roles at the same time. You are someone's dad/mom, you are someone's son/daughter, you are someone's employee, and you are also a student pursuing your own dreams. It may seem very overwhelming from time to time. But you have to believe that you can do it. It is just a matter of time!”

Rebekah Gray