Anthropology is a great elective course for health professions' students who want to explore:

  • Healing and medical systems cross-culturally
  • Human healing universals and differences
  • Human evolution and disease
  • Non-verbal communication and healing

McLennan Community College has four faculty members who are anthropologists. They also teach in other fields (biology, criminal justice and forensics, and history). This creates a great opportunity to learn about many fields of study from an anthropological perspective or to put an anthropological focus on your degree. It is also a great way to begin training for a career in anthropology.

Fieldwork Opportunities

There are many fun and exciting fieldwork opportunities available through McLennan's Anthropology department. Here are a few:

  • Participate in an archeological excavation
  • Observe primates at zoos and through online video cams
  • Participate and observe in major cultural events outside your own culture, including the annual Comanche Nation Fair, Day of Dead Ceremonies (Aztec), pow wows and other cultural events as available.
  • Collect an oral history
  • Research non-verbal communication and apply what you learn in a variety of fieldwork settings
  • Individual fieldwork projects that focus on your interests

Careers in Anthropology

There is an inaccurate assumption in some published information about career choices that anthropology is not a useful major. This misinformation may be due to the fact that many anthropologists cross-train in other disciplines, as is the case with anthropologists teaching at McLennan.

These anthropologists are often categorized as doctors and other health care professionals, architects, social workers, educators, documentary film makers, and many other more main stream professions.

A visit to the American Anthropological Association website will quickly reveal that anthropologists are employed and proactive in many career fields and making important contributions to improving the human condition throughout our world.

More Information

Contact Linda Pelon at 254-299-8917, or in MAC 312.