Campus Life

  • Activities

    Student Life sponsors a variety of co-curricular and compliance education programs and events throughout the year. To keep up with what is happening on campus, check your student email, go to the Student Life office in room 319 of Student Services or call 254-299-8443.

    Other good sources of information include the McLennan online calendar, Facebook page, and campus televisions.

  • Athletics

    Past records and honors demonstrate that McLennan has one of the best overall junior college athletic programs in the nation. Intercollegiate athletics include basketball (men’s and women’s), baseball, golf (men’s and women’s), softball, and dance.

    For more information on these teams, call 254-299-8811 or visit

  • Bosque River Stage

    The Bosque River Stage is an outdoor amphitheater that hosts star-studded entertainment acts throughout the year. The amphitheater provides 530 theater-style seats with additional seating on adjacent grassy areas along the banks of the Bosque River.

    McLennan students studying the arts use this as a real-life lab for exploring performance and venue and concert management. 

    For more information, call 254-299-8283 or visit Bosque River Stage.

  • Food Services

    Grab & Go items, bottled/canned drinks, and snack options are available in the Highlander Café (Learning Technology Center), Tartan Café (Community Services Center), and Thistle Stop (Michaelis Academic Center). A rotation of area food trucks will be on campus daily to offer freshly made breakfast and lunch options. 

  • Student Organizations

    To become a member of a campus organization, interested students should attend a meeting and express their desire to join the group. With few exceptions (such as honor societies and some program-specific organizations), all organizations are open to all students. Student organizations that are officially recognized by the College can be found on the Student Life website.

    For more information about each organization, visit the Student Life, office in room 115 of  Student Services  or call 254-299-8443.

    Starting a New Organization

    The College recognizes the need for student organizations and provides criteria for the establishment of campus student organizations as follows:

    1. Membership is composed entirely of current MCC students. (Special non-student membership is allowed under certain conditions.)
    2. One or more faculty/staff members agree to serve as advisors.
    3. Meetings are held on campus and during the regular college day. (Exceptions should be approved by the Student Life office, well in advance of the anticipated date.)
    4. A democratic plan is used for the selection of members without regard to race, religion, national origin, gender, disability, age, or other basis prohibited by law.
    5. Goals are educational and compatible with the interests of the college.
    6. An approved constitution is on file in the Student Life office. The constitution must be developed by the organization and approved by the following:
      1. The proposed organization
      2. Student Life office
      3. Vice President, Instruction

    When these guidelines have been met, the Student Life office will authorize the establishment of an organization. After a one-year probationary period, an organization will receive a charter of official recognition if it has observed all rules and regulations and shows evidence of an effort to achieve the objectives of its constitution.

    Only those organizations that have received official recognition by the college shall have the privilege of using the college name when publicizing their activities.

    Students wishing to form a new organization should contact the Student Engagement office, at 254-299-8443.

    Student Organization Activities

    Official campus organizations may sponsor activities and events. A Student Organization Proposal Form must be approved through proper channels, beginning with the Student Life office, at least two weeks before the event. The proposed function must be approved and attended by a faculty advisor of the organization.

  • Summer College Hours

    Official summer hours are Monday-Thursday 8 a.m.-5 p.m. with certain areas open on Friday. Those areas include the Child Development Center, Continuing Education, Emergency Services Education Center, Advising & Career Services, and Testing Services. Highlander Central in the Enrollment Services Center is also open 7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. on Fridays to handle enrollment, registration, financial aid and some Business Office matters. Cosmetology classes and labs remain open on Fridays and are closed on Mondays.

  • Tradition

    The students of McLennan play an important role in the establishment of traditions and in the observance of the traditions already established by former students. However, the Scottish traditions for McLennan really began in the 12th century when the McLennan clan first became known. The Scottish clan’s name was given to both this county and the college.

    The McLennan tartan, the wool fabric with the distinctive plaid pattern of the McLennan clan, is the official college banner. The McLennan crest, depicted by a human heart pierced by passion nails, is the official college seal. The motto of the crest is “HOC MAJORUM VIRTUS,” which is interpreted as “This is the valor of my ancestors.”

    Following the Scottish motif, the official symbol or trademark of the college is the Highlander. It represents a kilted Scottish warrior in battle dress, carrying a shield and sword. The colors of the McLennan tartan are the official college colors. The college flag displays the Highlander in black against an orange and white background.