Project Assessment

The purpose of our assessment model is to provide continuous improvement of procedures and processes.  All stakeholders are asked to participate in the assessment process and provide feedback.  See the Resources Area for two of our Assessment Forms.

Student feedback

Students assess and give feedback on the following areas:

  • Training program –
    • Was is adequate to prepare you to do the work?
    • What is missing or needs to be changed?
  • Work Requirements/Environment
    • Was the working environment conducive to getting the work done?
    • Was the pacing of the work too slow or too fast?
    • Was help available if you needed it?
    • Were the proper resources available?
    • Were faculty generally supportive of your work?

Finished product assessment

It is also important that the finished product be assessed. The following stakeholders will assess and provide feedback on the process and product.

  • Supervisory assessment
    • Was the student worker’s performance up to standards?
    • Were their problems with the workload and scheduling?
  • Faculty Assessment of work
    • Were your interactions with the students satisfactory?
    • Was the work done to your standards?
    • Were you happy with the product and process?
  • End user group assessment
    • Were the documents or captioned videos useful for you?
    • What was missing?
    • What can be done to make them better?