Thank you for your interest in MCC's course evaluation process. While we are required by our accrediting body (SACSCOC) to conduct evaluations, that's not the main reason we do them. The main reason is so that we can get better at our core purpose - teaching and helping students to learn.</>

For students: Each term you will be asked to give anonymous* feedback on each of your courses and instructors. The questions focus on things that help you to learn or that make it harder for you to learn. This provides direct feedback to the instructors so they can evaluate how they teach and possibly adjust their teaching styles. Please respond honestly and give constructive feedback.

For instructors: This is a chance to get direct, specific feedback from your students on how you are doing (from their perspective) in class. While some may not take it seriously, this is a chance for you to reflect on how you interact with students directly and how you might be able to get better, as well as how you can help your students to learn more effectively. Making changes and communicating those changes to students as a result of the evaluations will help them to take it more seriously.

* Note that while students' names are not tied to specific responses, you can self-identify accidentally by referring to specific items that only you and the instructor know about.