Facilities Scheduling

  • All classes, meetings, and  events that will take place on campus are REQUIRED to be scheduled
  • Room requests are required to be submitted via e-mail prior to 10:30am the working day before the room is needed.  This is to ensure that everything is on the schedule that is generated for Campus Police & Facilities.
  • If you move furniture in a classroom for your event or meeting, it is your responsibility to return the room to its regular configuration.

Because there are so many rooms and facilities on campus, I wanted to make sure everyone knew who and how to schedule specific rooms on campus:

 MAC 139, S 115, LTC 212, LTC 222 are scheduled through Outlook by inviting the room to your meeting.

    • Include the Room Name in the “To:” field to invite the room.
  • Conference Center & Northwood House, contact Laura Merced-Rowell
  • Ball Performing Arts Center or Bosque River Stage, contact Lise Uhl
  • 4th Floor Conference Room - ADM 405, contact Jodi Harper


If you are a MCC employee and would like to see if a room is available on the date/time you are considering, you may log into Informer and complete the below. Note, availability is subject to change.

  1. Log into Informer
  2. Search for the report titled “Room Scheduling for Specified Rooms and Date Range”
  3. Click the Data tab
  4. Enter the start/end dates or the date range you would like to view
  5. You can enter a start/end time
  6. Enter the building of choice
  7. Enter the room of choice if you have one
  8. Click Launch Report
  9. The data will then display and show you what is currently scheduled in the room(s) selected

Additionally, if you are unsure if a room is the correct size or has what you need, you can also run the “Room Capacities” Informer report for a building and it will tell you stats on each room.

For more information contact Shardae Kelly at 254-299-8466 or skelly@mclennan.edu 


Click here to complete a scheduling request.