Paramedicine Certificate

Welcome to MCC's Paramedic Certification Program!

Paramedics are trained to work in the pre-hospital environment and typically work on an ambulance and provide emergency treatment in accordance with a physician's protocols. Paramedic students study cardiac, obstetric, pediatric and medical emergencies; learn IV and airway management, pharmacology, basic and advanced resuscitation skills, triage and rescue; and perform hospital clinical rotations and complete pre-hospital (ambulance) field internships. Paramedic education courses are scheduled from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM on weekdays. (Hospital and pre-hospital clinicals may be scheduled in the evenings or on the weekend.)

Students applying for admission to the Paramedic program must have a current Texas EMT certification. The paramedic program admits qualified applicants in January each year, and class size is limited. The Paramedic Certificate program includes twelve months of credit coursework. Students who successfully complete all requirements are eligible to receive a Course Completion Certificate and register to take the National Registry examination.

Graduates of this one-year program receive a Course Completion Certificate and are eligible to take the National Registry examination. For more information or to make an advising appointment, call 254-299-8311.

Admission Requirements

All Paramedic program applicants must meet the admission requirements which include:

  • Meet admission requirements of the college.
  • Submit to Office of Student Admissions required data which includes: all previous high school or college transcripts; ACT or SAT scores; when applicable, reading and math tests may also be required.
  • Schedule an advising conference with the program director or faculty.
  • Must have a current Texas EMT certification, be current in all of the required immunizations and have immunizations completed prior to beginning the program.
  • Successfully complete HPRS 1206 Medical Terminology and Biology 2404 Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology.
  • Complete all three sections of the ACCUPLACER exam and make a minimum score of 82 on the Reading Examination. Students must also score E 64-95+ on the Math and score W 5 or higher on the writing ACCUPLACER exam. A student who fails to meet the minimum score on an ACCUPLACER exam may take the exam a second time.

Admission will be finalized only after all admission requirements listed above have been met. Meeting these requirements does not guarantee admission to the program.

Students must maintain a minimum grade of B in all EMSP courses in order to continue in the program. All EMSP courses must be taken in sequence. Students who fail to maintain a minimum grade of B in all EMSP courses will not receive a Course Completion Certificate and will not be eligible to take the National Registry examination. Each student is given a copy of the program policies when beginning the program.