Student Rights and Responsibilities

Student Rights & Responsibilities Regarding Financial Aid


Students have the right to know the following:

  • What financial programs are available.
  • The deadline for submitting applications for each of the programs.
  • How financial aid will be distributed.
  • How financial need will be determined.
  • Costs of attending the institution.
  • What resources are considered in the calculation of "financial need".
  • The institution's refund policy.
  • What portion of financial aid received must be repaid and what portion is grant aid.
  • The details of any loan offered.
  • The good standing and satisfactory academic progress guidelines for aid recipients.
  • That all or a portion of aid may have to be repaid if the student withdraws or drops to below half-time status.
  • Students or parents entering an agreement regarding a Title IV loan will have information regarding the loan submitted to the National Student Loan Data System and that information will be accessible by authorized agencies, lenders, and institutions.


Students applying for financial aid must:

  • Complete all application forms accurately and submit them on time to the proper place.
  • Provide correct information. (NOTE: Misreporting information on a financial aid form is a violation of law and may be considered a criminal offense, which could result in indictment under the U.S. Criminal Code)
  • Return all additional documents, verification, corrections and/or new information requested by the Office of Financial Aid.
  • Be responsible for reading, understanding, and keeping copies of all forms that require a signature.
  • Live up to all signed agreements.
  • Perform work assigned as a Federal College Work Study employee.
  • Be aware of and comply with deadlines for application or reapplication for aid.
  • Report any change in name and/or address to the Office of Financial Aid and Office of Admissions.
  • Be aware that upon withdrawing or dropping to below half-time status, it is possible that a portion of any aid received may have to be repaid.
  • Complete an online Exit Loan Counseling session before leaving school.
  • According to the Department of Education website (, drug convictions no longer affect your federal student aid eligibility. You will be asked questions regarding drug convictions when completing the FAFSA, but the responses will not impact your eligibility.