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Why learn French as opposed to another language?

The French language is spoken on every continent and is essential for business and traveling. Besides food, fashion, and fragrance, the United States import the following French products:

  • Aerospace engines;
  • Motor vehicle components,
  • Electronic parts
  • Spacecraft equipment;
  • Telecommunication materials;
  • Industrial materials
-At least 200 French companies employ over 400,000 Americans in the US.
-American businesses comprise over 25% of the foreign investments in France, from restaurant franchises to computer companies.
-France is the second business partner of Texas which has over 100 French companies.

"Sounds great but I hear there are easier languages to learn especially in Texas!"

There are no foreign languages that are easy to learn. All require hard work and dedication. And like all subject matter, you get what you put into it … However, to dispel the myth, research has shown that French is actually easier than other romance languages as far as vocabulary and grammar. It is more challenging as far as the pronunciation since Texas is not close to a francophone country.

(Source: American Association of Teachers of French)

At MCC, the classes are geared toward oral and written communication. The professor strives to make the course interesting and relevant by catering to many learning styles. French students can also get involved in a variety of activities in the classroom:

  • Movies
  • Culinary experiences
  • Cooking

So if you need a foreign language for your degree requirement or you just want to learn all about the #1 tourist destination, come study French at McLennan Community College.