Health Professions Simulation

Virtual Human Dissector

McLennan Community College is one of only a few colleges nationally using innovative software that combines the power of cadaver dissection with the technology of virtual reality. MCC's VH Dissector enhances students' learning experiences by allowing them to virtually explore real human anatomy in 3D.

Students in MCC's nursing programs and anatomy and physiology classes use the virtual dissector in several ways. Instructors can project 3D images and cross sectional views of a real cadaver onto a screen to reveal different systems of the body - such as skeletal, muscular, neurological and cardiovascular - to help students better visualize human anatomy.

The images, which came from a real human body that was dissected and scanned to create a detailed 360-degree image, can also be projected onto a simulation manikin. This allows students to see where internal organs and other anatomy lie in relation to a patient's exterior.

With more than 2,000 anatomic structures included, the VH Dissector allows instructors to show as much or as little of the anatomy as they want. As a way to quiz students, instructors can turn off all images and ask students to point to a particular anatomical structure on the dummy. The image can then be turned on to show only the selected body part, and students can see if they have the correct answer.